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Label Kit

Label Kits for Lean Manufacturing

Durable, Compliant, and Custom

When it comes to manufacturing, specifications are key. It works the same way when designing an industrial label kit. Each label part is engineered to fit and last for the equipment’s lifespan.
We select the paper, coatings, & adhesives that’s best for your application. Additionally, we ensure that all compliance requirements met. Lastly, we arrange all the labels on one sheet, print and deliver to your facility.

Why use a label kit?

Traditionally, labels were pulled from a stack, applied, and tallied up at the end of assembly. As a result, assembly lines slowed because of missing label parts and subsequently lower output. Today, smart manufacturers are using label/product kits to speed up the process of applying labels and product materials. All labels are printed and shipped on a single sheet greatly streamlining assembly. Each label is pulled from the sheet and applied to the product throughout the assembly line. Once the sheet is empty, the labelling process is complete.

What’s in a Product/Label Kit ?


Bag contains all contents and with overlaid instructions in multiple languagesView

Label Kit

10 durable warning labels in 3 languages labels on one sheetView


operational instructions booklet printed on a special heat resistant laminate with 3M adhesiveView


Compliance tags attached to product and separately bagged for easy assembly.View


42 page instruction manual that is stuffed in product kit bag.View


Labeling Solutions

Whether you have a detailed blueprint, or just an idea about a print application, our experienced team can help you with your next project. From the first phone call, through final delivery, the IPP team will help implement a plan that is on time and on budget!

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