Domed Labels

Dome Label Characteristics

  • Durable – Automotive grade resin creates a clear protective lens over the graphics.
  • Distinctive – Visually stunning piece that marries form and function.
  • Depth – Add dimension to an other flat label.
NOS Sheet of Domed Labels

Anatomy of a Dome

  1. Base Layer
  2. Adhesive
  3. Printed Graphics
  4. Clear Automotive Grade Resin
Dome Label Anatomy

Types of Dome Manufacturing


Precise flooding of liquid resin to the decal’s edge to create a domed lens.


Custom doming of intricate shapes and graphic lettering.


Technology that allows customized placement and curing of doming liquid to a barrier ink, while other areas remain undomed. Selective doming is ideal for overlay applications to enhance the tactile feel or create additional interest.

Doming Liquid

Customization Options


A Process in which multiple applications of the doming liquid can create unique, dramatic effects, ideal for point of purchase, and trade show displays

Fragrance / Scented Doming

A scented additive is combined with the resin to create custom scents like coffee, chocolate, floral or pine.

Phosphorescent Doming

An illuminating effect that glows in the dark

Colored Dome

The dome is tinted with a transparent color

Thermo Chromatic Doming

The domes surface changes colors with the application of heat or cold.

Dome + Emboss

The distinction that can take a printed piece form nice to noteworthy is doming and embossing.

Dome + Emboss

Embossing creates form and function on keypad overlays, and generates additional emphasis on a printed piece. Doming creates a clear protective lens for the piece, which make the colors pop. The three dimensional look is achieved with doming and embossing evokes a memorable impression of richness and quality.


Labeling Solutions

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