Barcode Labels & Variable Data

Barcode Labels

Types of Barcode Labels

UPC Code


Universal product codes are machine readable product identifiers. It serves as a universal identifier for product information and is printed on a product label or shrink sleeve.

QR Code

QR Codes

Quick Response codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application.

Benefits of Barcode Labels

  • Unique product identify that increases efficiency.
  • Eliminate manual processes and increase productivity.
  • Unique Images per label for specialty branding.
  • 1D & 2D Barcodes.
  • UPC Codes.
  • Coupon & Promotional Codes.

Barcode Applications

  • Unique Brand Labels
  • Consecutive & Barcode Labels
  • Serial Numbers / Warehouse Rack Labels
  • Database Driven (Access & Excel)
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Parking / Security Labels
  • Serial Numbers
  • 1D & 2D Barcodes


Labeling Solutions

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